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Home GB 30 years Examples Vision Style Target group Training Coaching Consultancy Customers Special skills Publications We train the level in the organisation where breakthrough is most needed.   1 Individual craftmanship: What does a teammember need to know in order to contribute? Apart from common sense and enthusiasm?  Poka Yoke and some other tools from the Lean toolbox can help.  2 Lean Practitioner with project: Lean should be trained while doing, in a team. We usually train projectleaders by coaching the DMAIC sequence of their own projects. Typically the most relevant tools are trained. In the meantime projects are realised and the course has been paid for with the results.  3 Greenbelt with project: More and more training companies pretend to train for a certificate without a project. We offer a different option: during the course a simulated paperfactory acts as a project platform, experiencing the reality of performing a project under production pressure.  4 Champion with improve program: All attention is focussed on “the belts training”. Leaders are receiving a summary training only. We think this is not the best approach. Managers should receive a complementary training course. Recognising opportunities and translating these into feasable projects for Lean practitioners and Greenbelts is the key target for the training. Our Championtraining is therefore focussing on systemthinking and project selection.
5 Blackbelt projectcoaching: We expect a Blackbelt to be Superman. But he or she will only develop into that after a few years of projects. The first hard part is, that especially the initiation of a project and of a deployment do require those superman qualities. The second hard part is, that the first projects are encoutering most resistance. Usually two coached projects are required for certification. But each Blackbelt needs a buddy to develop. Knowledge sharing with other Blackbelts can reduce the need for coaching of course. 6 A program is more than projects: Developing a program structure that makes use of the existing elements can be done in a workshop. We would support with some extra theory from outside the Lean Six Sigma world. 7 Master Black Belt, inspiration and reflection The program manager often has a lonely job since he or she is expected to be alround. How long keep trying and when decide for an intervention? Patience of acting? Also the Masterbelt has a need for a platform to reflect and keep the balance.  
Agenda: 1 and 2 are typically in-company 3 and 4 are running regularly in our local trainingcentre, please contact for planning and for English version. 6 and 7 depending on the needs, our trainingcentre is suitable for a day out of the office.
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