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Many projects have a hidden key. Finding it early will save much time and reduce scope (making the project suitable for greenbelt instead of Blackbelt) Starting a project fast is understandable, especially if the charter seems to guide a specific type of solution. Maybe the champion is not aware, it is difficult indeed to describe a problem without anticipating expected solution. We need a method that is seldom included in the course material: Systemsthinking. Checking the customers self payment (Catering) Too many unpaid articles were found at a selfservice and selfpayment counter. The benefits of selfservice (less cashiers) was almost compensated by the extra efforts on sampled inspection of the correct payment. The champion insisted on better inspection. In the projectstart we stopped inspection and instead instructed the ladies to offer help to any customer that seemed to hesitate. Soon we found that not-paying was not intentionally, it was the non-userfriendlyness of the program that made people choose the wrong items. We changed the layout of the screens and started alert help when needed. After some time the sampled inspection was strongly reduced, but also the requested help reduced because most people have the same lunch every day. Early booking of flights (travel agency of company) In order to reduce costs, initially the rule was issued that at the latest 14 days before a flight the ticket was booked. Response was reluctant and the charter for a blackbelt expressed ïmproved discipline of traveller” as a target outcome. The question was changed into “seduce customer to book as early as possible”. The change of perspective lead to an informative portal that gave direct feedback to the individual on the cost reduction opportunity. Technical service engineers are no longer frustrated by negative feedback on their violation of the 14 days rule. And large
meetings that are booked three months ahead instead of one month result in major cost savings because the stimulus is felt by the customers. Ready to repair (Refinery) Frequently repair mechanics were refused at the plant because conditions for the work were not yet met. The charter expressed the expectation to solve the problem by organising a spare task for each team of mechanics. This would prevent a major waste bij introducing another one of double preparation. The second project would take place in the maintenance organisation, but the root causes were in the production organisation. Just in time the projects were focussed upon the plants itself, generating a kind of “hospitality” target which was totally different from the “production priority” culture. Eventually the relationships between maintenance and operation improved, and repair leadtimes reduced. Maintenance could abandon the habit of always coming two days later than scheduled, and production could stop complaining that the plant was waiting without work being done. Capacity Analist (Management support) An analyst would receive last minute requests for labourintensive queries. This was the primairy task, but it generated stress and also had a negative impact on the results. The result was often delivered late such that the client sometimes already decided without the data, and if just in time there was no opportunity left for some additional analysis. A Greenbelt was asked to ensure in time delivery of output. By introducing a verification of the original question, 50% of the work was avoided, giving time for extra analysis and also stopping the habit of chasing deadlines. These interventions are only possible with an early contact between Champion and the (master) Belt, in which the systems analysis is the main part.
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