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Dutch six Sigma has its own style, sometimes you have to get used to it and it is best explained with an example: You can bake a pizza in two different ways: Preheat the oven to the indicated temperature (225 Celsius). Unpack the pizza (just from the freezer) and put it in the oven. Take out after the indicated time. The pizza must be perfect now. (traditional style) Turn the oven on and jump on your bike for the supermarket. On your way back the pizza will defrost a little. The oven is not yet fully heated but you put in the pizza at once. Set the timer at indicated time minus 2 minutes. Park the bike and store the rest of the purchase. When the timer rings, judge how many minutes the pizza needs. (Dutch Six Sigma style) For any project we start from the actual organizational maturity of the employees and the managers. We make maximum use of examples, as soon as possible your own examples. In parallel with the improvement programme, we will bring the organisation to a higher maturity. Which will result in more ambitious projects and higher benefits. Many programs are driven from results only. we are not only inspired by Lean Six Sigma tools, but also by other disciplines: Spiral dynamics Systems thinking Socratic conversations Theory of constraints, TOC and "the Goal". EFQM / Baldrige The Gurus: Deming, de Bono, Covey, Senge, Ofman, ... Anthroposophy Physics and control engineering
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