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Small projects, major effects?  Many small projects with energy but insufficient impact?  Few big projects, too slow, management resistance, less impact than anticipated?  Lean Six Sigma perceived as one of the programs?  Lean Six Sigma is chased by the MBB rather than driven by management? Early systems analysis of opportunities can develop synergy between the smaller projects and the bottom-line benefits. Key element is ensuring different Champions not to recognize the enabling projects rather than  judging the low direct contribution, thus also avoiding frustration of recognizing only the highest level project. Example Maintenance 1. Permit to work waiting queue’s of process industry, irritation and time losses 2. Once queues were solved, cost was not reduced but next bottleneck was found: Planners use conservative time expectations, taking still waiting into account. 3. Once planners improved their estimates, high benefits were achieved ... for the contractors. Only after removing waiting time from the units rates in the contracts benefits were made. Example Facility Management 1. Use and replenishment of towels in machines by cleaning staff, signal malfunction preventively. 2. Only after changing the subcontracted maintenance, to performance instead of defects, malfunction and unused towell were reduced. 3. But cost were still unchanged, only when anumber of machines was removed (lease) and the quantity of towel dry cleaning was reduced, major benefits were achieved.
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