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Projectmanagement is not difficult, but everything has to work at the same time. The Champion is trained in recognition of opportunities and translating into a charter for the belt. The belt is trained in application of tools with a team and in delivering results. The Masterbelt would guide the champion and the belt to maturity and will intervene in the process, and sometimes outside the project scope. A project will seldom fail on methods and tools. If a projects gets stuck, it will be mostly in human coöperation and interaction. We developed a projectbooklet that supports the interactions between stakeholders. All elements do exist as separate formats and templates of course. We noticed, however, that most documents are only reviewed once and never in the context of the total project. It consists of three A3 forms, folded to a booklet. The first form contains the charter, but also the closeout document. (just to enforce a closeout together with the champion learning on project selection and scoping) The second, middle page supports the DMAIC approach for the team, but also the closeout reporting of the team (poster or A3). The third, inner page contains details and private coaching information between belt and master belt. It also will be the basis document for certification. In the private booklet of the belt, we often advise to write the technical report on the right and the soft elements on the left (some just write in two colors). This way each A3 describes an interface which is usefull as a basis for managing the coöperation.
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