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Based upon EFQM and Baldrige, we can analyse each process in a very short time. First we analyse the “short control loop”. Are proces and registration performed in a uniform way? And is the response to process deviations obsessive and direct? (daily? weekly?) Next we check the “long- or master control loop”. Are structural problems recognised and analysed? Is the management taking action? The long control loop is the loop that could generate Lean and Six Sigma projects as an action to remove structural problems. (months? quarter? year?) Finally the top management should verify if the process meets the intentions of the business. This is the third control level. ( Year? 3 year plan?) The pictures show the booklet for process analysis (15 to 30 minutes). And below the flipover showing results for seven processes, for feedback in a workshop when the processowners returned from their GEMBA visits. typically the red and orange are higher than expected. Thus the flipover acts as action scheme for the next two weeks.
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