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Once you really understand a problem it will seem simple again. For a project this means: use intuition and “feeling stuck” is a signal to reflect and review the system as a whole. It is a challenge to break process bottlenecks and at the same time enjoy a learning experience for all involved. Lean Six Sigma is not difficult, only it has to work at all levels in the organisation at the same time. For instance, at the highest management level a five year contract is negotiated, requiring win-win improvements (5% Blackbelt level benefit) At operational level Greenbelt projects will optimise the Blackbelt results for an additional 5%. Finally Lean small improvements will account for another 5%. Only when the vertical connection is made, the total of 15% benefit can be achieved. Separate actions will even undermine the separate impacts. The new contract may be perceived as demotivation; the Greenbelt projects may cause overstressed supervision. Finally disconnected Lean efforts may not be visible into KPI’s and thus come to a hold after the first enthusiasm. This is illustrated by the Bowl, full with big projects, then full with small ones and finally full with water. A quick inventarisation with Lean Process tells where to start!
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