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The goal of this processimulation is offering a realistic training environment in which each can develop fast and intuitively into an experienced employee. A changeprocess of years will be simulated in two or three days. The students learns how to apply Lean and Six Sigma in a realistic worksituation with production pressure and competition. That is how a student can come the closest possible to full certification on a real project. We supply the students with the craftmanship information required. The process knowledge is based upon the theory of paperproduction as published by TAPPI, the union of paperproducers. Additionally we provide the specific knowledge for the smallscale fabrication that students will use. The paperprocess is chosen after a consideration of many options: molding candles, baking biscuits, clay or gypsum ... Few processes have the combination of factors that papermaking provides. It is mainly based upon kitchen equipment but still is strikingly identical to the real paper massproduction. The head of the blender for instance is mounted in continuous flow in a pipe. The sieve is actually a running conveyor belt. The microwave takes the place of a drying section. Because now batchproduction is used, it becomes suitable for training purposes. Since all equipment is commercially available, it satisfies safety requirements. The output is business cards. The focus of the training can be Lean (fast delivery, colour change, no waste) but also Six Sigma (all cards 1 gram, minimal variation), or even TOC (find the bottleneck and increase production). The fast development of organisation maturity is surprising. The paperfactory was developed in 1993 by Leo Monhemius as process version of the IRIS process developed by Ad Schalkx (Semantix). The paperfactory was proven over years with some 400 students.
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