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Unfortunately it does happen that Lean Six Sigma programmes are driven by cost reduction only. Sometimes resistance to change is just a human natural response to be handled as part of change management. But we have met with several situations in which the momentum of the programme actually brings cririsism to silence and at the same time becomes a threat for continuity in the basic process. In process industries and healthcare this can actually cause major risks. Imagine the resistance is justified. Pushing harder does not work: “grass does not grow faster when you pull”. Pushing for results without listening to the reasons behind will frustrate the first line supervision. We do not respect anymore their primary responsability to balance proces-control and process- improvement. One of the core values of Lean is listening to those who do the work. Employees will never encourage changes that undermine their selfcontrol of basic tasks, the primary craftmanship must keep in pace with the improvements. Pressure of stakeholder will make it tempting for management to stimulate those employees that propose daring improvements, even if other employees do not support. This is especialy the case if unexperienced younger employees have proposals that frustrate the more advanced craftmanship of more experienced colleagues. At first sight such a Lean Six Sigma program may seem succesfull. But if the basis of Lean is not recognised, the program will certainly fail. A first signal will be a dramatic increase in small incidents, but will these be reported by the supervisors? In the pictures the role of the first line supervisor is illustrated. The foreman looks upward in the organisation to many parallel staff area’s that impose processes upon him or her. HR reviews, Financial data, IT, Logistics, etcetera. Often we do not respect how many avoidable costs (red arrows) are prevented by supervision. It is taken for granted. Let us give supervisors the authority to accept improvements (green arrows) to the level that the risks are under control.
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