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Some of many examples: Coffee Barista Bar Lean analysis gave many improvements, each cup and saucer were handled 45 times for each serving (reduced to 39). The number of erreonuous orders were reduced to zero. And a flow layout was introduced, both for customers as for employees. Waiting time A caridiologist keeps developing a queue in the waiting room. All solutions were tried, but the problem persisted. Until we analysed the system as a total. We found that the duration of the consultation increased with an empty waiting room. Apparently, he used the pressure of the waiting patients to chase the consultations. Also patients were reluctant to ask an extra question. Once this mechanism was reveiled, the problem was soon solved. Cheaper flights (Blackbelt project) A multinational company has high flight travel cost. Although all employees are aware of the saving by early booking and also of a higher avialabilty, still many book last minute. By visualising the impact to the traveller and the direct linemanager, early booking was improved and costs were reduced. Challenge of this projects was, that travellers have individual freedom, so the benefits were achieved by seducing the traveller into new behavior. A special complication: costs are reduced of all travel budgets, but the own departmentsuffers increased costs! How to get management buy in?
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Utilization of Office space  (Blackbelt Project) Office space is expensive, especially in representative area’s. However, when visiting the workplace, it may seem that half the staff is absent. Different decision levels seem to compete; At highest levels departments are estimated for the future strategic need of space. At departmental level, managers are inclined to plan for peak use of space. At individual level many employees drop their jacket on a chair, put their agenda on the desk and leave for a meeting. The project introduced higher utilisation at all three levels, and the interesting side effect was an improved energised culture. The managers feared a reduced satisfaction because of workspace overloading. The opposite proved to be true. The challenge of the project was to develop a communication structure that improved efficience without being perceived as reduced service level. Waiting time permit to work Each day, maintenance staff of contractor firms suffer delays at permit desks and issuing of materials. This does not only take time and motivation, also it wastes time (only 55% effective) of scarce skills. One would expect that reducing waiting time saves considerable amounts of money? Only now we see how contracts are defined. Most activities are merged into standard tasks, having a fixed price to motivate the contractor into efficient work. So the waiting time has been incorporated into the fees of the contractor firms. First many greenbelts projects reduced waiting time. The impact was a major improve of contractors benefits, but no impact on the own budgets. It took a Masterblackbelt to change the habits of the contracting department.
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