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Training and Coaching will take place as part of a complete program. Doing this well, some direct, handson experience in the organisation is needed. Examples are best drawn from the own organisation. The local MBB (or MGB) will soon start to do most of the work. During this process we will typically translate the project information to topmanagement, and back. Sometimes specific problems occur that are only asking for a single solution. It is not usefull to train the local MBB into this; here is where some consultancy comes in. Like within a project, also programmes have disruptions that require action to get going again. Example 1 In a major deployment, the projects delayed in the control- phase. When analysing, procesowners proved not yet educated to take over the implemented control. The intervention (described in Process Lean) is a training for process owners that we called “Process Belt”. Example 2 In another deployment, it was accepted for managers to overrule Lean and Six Sigma priorities. The intervention was to have always the manager report on delayed projects. There was resistance but the effect was immediate.
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