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Coaching, how it could look like: Coaching is sometimes an uncomfortable word, who likes to admit needing help? We rather formulate this as development of people. Each project has two aspects: the projectleader has to deliver results, which usually gets most attention. At the same time the projectleader transforms through a learning experience. A flawless project, following the standards, delivers results but does not give a learning experience. In real life projects unexpected
barriers show up and have to be conquered. Some setbacks can be prevented at the start by choosing a correct scope. We often use our projectbooklet with three folded A3 pages. It offers structure to the project but above all it connects the details with the high level purpose. In the projectbooklet the Championrole, the Team and the Coachrole come together. This way each project develops in a learning experience, not only for the Belt but also for others involved.
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